Corona, Killians, Sapporo, Oh My!

In my rambling fatigue, I completely forgot in my post last night I had fully intended to ramble on about the Notre Dame game last Saturday. I’m feeling too lazy to do so now, but to sum up…by far the most disappointing and least-entertaining game I’ve ever watched since beginning worship at the shrine of Touchdown Jesus. I’m excited about it as a new fan, and really really don’t want to suffer through anything resembling a ‘rebuilding year’.

I think Clausen is incredibly talented, and will indeed live up to the hype once he gets a couple college games under his belt, if even that long, as the few minutes he played at the end of the Georgia Tech game showed (to me at least) that he can handle the stress of a weak offensive line letting him get sacked. He didn’t seem rattled, and his passes were strong and accurate. Charlie Weis announced today he would indeed be starting for their game this Saturday at Penn State. I’m looking forward to the game, to see just how much Weis can tweak the offensive line into something resembling college-caliber, and give Clausen enough breathing room to show us he’s the QB everyone expects him to be.

Football ramble off.

Found out early this evening that the gaming studio I’m going to be blogging for had some investment money fall through and want me to work, at least for a while, for free. This is disappointing, not because I’m going to abandon the project, but because I’m ridiculously broke and the extra money would have proven extremely helpful. That and it would be nice to say I’m actually making money as a writer, even if only an extra $100/month. Oh well. The project is still fascinating to me and I’m excited to work on it.

I’m also looking forward to the Writer’s Meeting tomorrow night at the Oaken Bucket. I’ve yet to make one of the meetings there, and according to Charmi it sounds like there will be a solid turn out. Maybe I will finally meet the elusive Rachel, and once again enjoy some quality time with the group. Inspiration has been lacking lately, and these meetings always do a good job of jumps starting things a bit for me. I’m sure I’ll have fun while sucking down imported beer that I can’t really afford ;O)

And yes, I know I promised pictures of Hoosier. They are taken but not yet pulled from the camera. Soon, soon.

3 thoughts on “Corona, Killians, Sapporo, Oh My!”

  1. Definitely agree with Talia. And of course we want the pics.

    Sorry about the $$ fall through. Proofing is just around the corner!

  2. The elusive Rachel…now I may have to avoid you just to maintain my sense of mystery. However, I think you’ll be disappointed; we’ve had a class together before, I think (Gindele, last semester).

    And yes, I was extremely frustrated by the showing Notre Dame gave last weekend. Opening weekend at home, nonetheless. I sat in the fourth quarter and thought, “And why did Charlie Weis wait until now to put in our obvious starting QB?”

    The offensive line is going to be a problem all season, I’m afraid. Unless it was just that GT has an extremely strong defensive line; those guys were running right over and through our “blockers”. What a joke. Sometimes I thought I could do better; at least I would TRY to put a body on somebody.

    Anyway, football rant done for now; I’m just still annoyed. Oh, and Penn State AT Penn State? We’d better get our line together, and FAST.

    Anyway, hopefully I will be at the next writer’s meeting, and we can do the formal introduction thing. Until then, I will continue to admire you here in cyber space.

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