Nothing major to report and ramble about.

ND got spanked again, but at least Clausen showed the presence and clarity everyone expected. Now if only the rest of the offensive team could catch up…sigh.

WVU won at least, as did OSU. That’s something. VT was slaughtered, as expected. I quit watching at the half in lieu of more Corona (it took 4 to get me through the ND game sans weeping) and finishing up some tarea de espanol.

The meeting at the Bucket was nice. I was miraculously not devoured whole by skeeters, and the company and conversation, as always, was pleasant. It was nice to enjoy the summer evening for a change, something I’ve managed not to do really this season (or really any other of them) due to my long-standing membership in the Indoor Extremists Brigade. I got a bit more information on Charmi’s proofing work which was interesting. Overall, a good time that I consistently enjoy and look forward to, even if Rachel The Mysterious remains ever-elusive. Looks like we have another meeting already this Friday back at my beloved Chicory, so I’m already looking forward to that.

Other fun things on my menu this week, because I know everyone wants to know:

* Reading War of the Worlds for my senior lit. class (enjoying it so far)
* WVU game on Thursday (Say it with me everyone, ‘massacre’.)
* ND game on Saturday (Read above :O( )
* Writer’s Meeting on Friday
* Going to the Matuba restaurant on Thursday to enjoy miso soup and a variety of sushi. Yum!


4 thoughts on “09.10.2007”

  1. Yes, Ryan, this weekend is obviously going to be a “Clash of the Titans” as we watch both Notre Dame and Michigan struggle against each other not to lose (notice I did NOT say win – when ND and UofM are both playing not to start 0-3, I don’t see how there can be a winner). I was wishing I drank on Saturday as I watched our pitiful excuse for an offensive line miss block after block and our even more pathetic receivers drop passes my grandmother could have brought in.

    Enough of the football rant. I am going to try to be at the writer’s meeting on Friday…I’m getting a little intimidated by my elusive, mysterious image…I’ll never live up to it in person.

  2. No kidding. Ugh.

    I just invented a new drinking game, designed specifically to get ND fans through the current season:

    Every time Clausen gets sacked, you take a shot or down a beer. It’s a defense mechanism you see. ;O)

    I’ll be at the meeting, though probably around an hour late.

  3. I was actually at the meeting; I WAS an hour or so late. We seem to have some weird kind of mental link going here. (Warning: break it now before you have to experience the ND game with the emotions of a woman.)

    I may start drinking again just so I can play your drinking game. That sounds like a good idea. We could also drink every time the offense has a three-and-out.

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