I’m not even going to talk about yesterday’s ND vs Michigan game. I’ve officially lost all hope of enjoying any of the season. Even if they lost every single game, as long as they played well and the game was somewhat close at least I could say it was fun to watch, instead of aggravating and embarrassing. I’m a fan though, and watched the game beginning to end, though with healthy intervals of watching my other team (OSU), and they did pretty well. Congrats on Tressel’s 200th career win. Also, West Virginia (my tertiary favorite) dominated on Thursday, so I guess I’m coming out ahead for the week.

Oh, and the Colts won today, though barely. The Titans were sneaking into field-goal range in the closing seconds which would have put them ahead by 1, but luckily they turned it over at the end. Manning threw for like 300-something yards I think…that guy is phenomenal.

I love how this has turned into my football blog instead of a creative one. Honestly I just haven’t written anything since a spurt a couple weeks ago. I’m also in a submission lull as I’m still waiting to hear back on 4 or so before before sending more out. My first creative blog post is written and will be going up as soon as the art director at the company I’m doing it for finishes up the blog template. It should have been up Saturday, but it sounds like the company is hitting a rocky patch and things are hectic, so I let them know it was good to go and to just let me know when the template was done and I’d start posting away.

I must apologize for my absence at the Writer’s Meeting this past Friday — I thought about saying something like ‘I wasn’t feeling well’ or that ‘Something came up’, but honestly there’s no specific reason. I was even up in the area meeting someone for lunch, but was simply having one of those lethargic, antisocial, blah sort of days where I just batten the hatches of myself and wait out the mood of the day. I tend to be irritable and unpleasant on those days, and didn’t want to get on anyone’s bad side because of it. I’ll make the next one, moods allowing.

Also, in case anyone is interested yet so far uninformed, the first meeting of IUSB’s English Club is Tuesday in the SAC club room. I have no idea how ‘good’ the club is as I’ve never attended the meeting, but this one fits into my open schedule and I’ll most likely show up to see what it’s all about.


4 thoughts on “09.16.2007”

  1. Ryan-

    You are awesome for plugging the English Club’s 1st meeting!

    Yes, everyone it is on Tues. the 18th at 10 AM in RM 206 in the SAC.

    I meant to put a notice out to you and Charmi and Talia.

    You all should come. Please do. We need smart, creative people such as you, Ryan (and Charmi and Talia) to lead the workshops.

    Oh- I’m the club’s president. So you can also come to see me attempt to successfully lead the meeting.


  2. OK, here’s the thing…if you guys are in on the workshops, I’ll come, but I’m not coming to meetings. Sorry, I’m just really sick and tired of meetings. It seems the people I know are the most meetingest peoople in the world. But, I’m sure all of you can make it a cool club…and if you do, let me know.

    Ryan, we missed and I know what you mean about the mood thing. Don’t sweat it, and don’t come unless you want to…otherwise that would defeat the purpose. You are so dedicated! Vince is lucky to have you on staff.

  3. Ryan – antisocial moods are completely understandable! We still missed you, though.

    Eric – I have class on Tuesday. I hope everything goes well.

  4. Ryan,

    Where should I begin? At least your antisocial moods are only keeping you from extracurriculars; mine actually kept me from both of my classes today…sigh.

    Also, my Packers AND my Bears won yesterday. If only the Colts had lost it would have been a perfect day (sorry, I HATE Peyton Manning).

    And Eric, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do the 10 a.m. thing; that’s like super early morning for me…seriously, who sleeps through a 1 p.m. class?

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