Yesterday was one of those days. Every little thing seemed to go wrong, and by the end I was ready to crash.

Got home around 2:45am from work to find my first rejection via snail mail (from Skidrow Penthouse). My first (and only coherent) thought by that point was, ‘Well, that ends this particular day perfectly.’ Not even a nice full form letter. Just a scrap of paper. Oh well.

Time to take my own (and Talia’s) advice and drop a submission to MSR.

Writer’s Meeting Wednesday at the Oaken Bucket. I’ll do my best to be there, as I missed the previous meeting, and wasn’t around on campus like I thought I would be for the English Club meeting today. I feel so lazy, or something akin to it. Haven’t really been focusing on school, or art. Just…football, playing backgammon, drinking coffee. Coasting through days.

3 thoughts on “Hrm.”

  1. Ryan, we continue our strange complementary parallelism…I seem to be good for nothing but football, playing poker, and drinking Mountain Dew.

    But you know what, try to consider your first rejection slip as the beginning of your successful career as a poet…remember the famous, excellent poets before you who have ALL received rejection slips their first time. In that vein, congratulations! I haven’t even got around to sending anything out yet.

  2. Ryan. Don’t take that slip so personally. The slip is the standard rejection. You have to toughen up a bit and start EXPECTING the rejection slip to show up in the mail. Here is how I think of it: The goal is to collect as many rejection slips as possible…you need eough to wallpaper your bathroom.

    Once you have that many then, you can start being suprised. Don’t let it get you down. Look at your poems again and if you still think they’re fantastic and can’t possibly make them better, then just send them out again.

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