One Of Those Days (Mk. II)

Another one, yes.

My apologies, but I had a forgotten prior engagement and can’t make the meeting tonight as planned. I -will- be at the next one at the Chicory, though, no matter what happens. I miss the others a great deal, and am becoming increasingly determined to meet Rachel, as the universe seems to be conspiring against this event.

Received another rejection today. For those of you keeping score at home, that makes 0-11, which humorously enough will probably closely resemble Notre Dame’s record by season’s end.

David once told me that I should be submitting to -better- mags than I am / have been, but if that were true wouldn’t one of these ‘lesser’ mags have taken something by now? I know all about how writers receive literally countless rejections, even the very best writers, and that to ‘make it’ at the very least you need to have skin like steel and the will to continue….but it does become grating. I knew it was coming when I decided to really make a go of all this, and thought I was prepared, but it is very much harder than I thought.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m giving up, as I’m hardly doing so; simply needed to vent a bit. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I’ve read some of the works that have made it into many of the mags I’ve submitted to, and seeing some of the utter trash that gets in makes the rejections all the more disheartening. What am I doing wrong? Anything? Just bad luck–catching the wrong editor on the wrong day? Who knows. This does finish up my list of outstanding submissions though, so I suppose it’s time to start prepping the next round. Talia’s advice about trying to adopt the attitude of seeking rejections, although very appreciated and well-intentioned, just seems backward to me. I like to think that every time I put that stamp into place I’m sending out my best work, and that -this- one is the one. I guess in the end, my attitude doesn’t matter as long as I keep writing and keep submitting, though.

This isn’t a hobby, or some little escape from reality or side project or cute little artistic experiment of the season for me.

Anyway, enough drama for today.


4 thoughts on “One Of Those Days (Mk. II)”

  1. Hey, you’re doing much more than I ever did. I have probably sent out, at most, five or six mailed submissions in my lifetime (not counting email to online magazines). I’ve tried to get into Poetry twice, both times rejected. I think I’m going to try the Southern Poetry Review next… if I can get my name into anything they sell at Barnes & Noble, I’ll consider myself successful.

    In the meantime, I’m going to cheat by publishing my own book through, which will probably be around Christmas or early January.

  2. Ryan,

    I think you said it yourself when you mentioned the trash that gets published. That’s evidence that you need to keep submitting. Really, 11 is nothing.

  3. Ryan,

    The only advice I can give you is advice that has been given to me; screen the places you are sending work to see if the editor’s aesthetic sense matches your poetry. For instance, I have been writing a lot of confessional poetry, and a lot of magazines wouldn’t even consider it for that reason. That could be why some of the stuff you consider trash is getting in; it’s just what the editor prefers.

  4. after my first book, downsides,
    I had an odd streak of like 30 rejections in a row. A little later suddenly everything was getting taken. It’s true much in
    the mags is dull, and sometimes
    something “different” has a rough
    time taking hold. It will though.

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