Nothing new to report.

No, really. No writing done, no editing, no new submissions. School moves along as it is prone to do.

Personal / social life is up and down. Annoyance, aggravation, happiness, melancholy, boredom. Predictable, like the lunar cycle. I’m turning jaded and antisocial for no particularly good or specific reason.

I did have the odd occurrence of having a dream the other night in which, I -think- I was marrying a girl that I’ve had a small crush on. How random is that? I’m an odd duck when it comes to dreams; I understand that every person alive dreams every single night, with the exception of certain disorders. It’s remembering them, even a little bit, that we get to play with. I probably remember one or two dreams a month, if not with even more rarity. I don’t think I like that arrangement, I’m sure being able to grasp more of them would be good for…well, something creative. Who knows.

I’m very ready to sleep but not so ready to face a Sunday with this mood. Nothing to look forward to but lethargy, boredom, an annoying evening at work, studying for a chemistry exam. I mean, really, one can only take so much on what is, no doubt, the most abysmal day of the week.

Oh, I almost forgot. Notre Dame…yeah, they lost again. But scored at least. Sort-of. I mean, they did, twice, offensively even, but…they really still haven’t done a ‘real’ offensive drive-to-touchdown. You know, return a punt, drive down the field and score. Just took advantage of some lucky breaks. Points are points, but the game still showed an inept pretty much everything, thought it was nice to see some positive yards on the board, a gleam of talent in some freshmen and a glimmer of a solid direction, if not perhaps an exceptional one. Next season will be next good, at least. Lots of talent that will have matured a bit, a lot of good recruitment and commitment buzz. We’ll see.

Once again though, OSU dominated, WVU did the same, so I’m 2/3 this week. Michigan won, which never makes me a happy camper, mostly because I hate Mike Hart. I don’t get it…if you’re on defense against Michigan, you seriously have a good 80% chance that they’re going to hand it off to him, and he’s going to run the ball. You know this. I don’t care how for-shit your line is, you know exactly what they’re about to do. Stop him once in a while, please!

Also, I started playing poker online again, which is probably a Bad Thing(TM).


8 thoughts on “9.23.2007”

  1. Ryan, I have to admit that I learned something about Notre Dame that I think is incredibly good: they have really high academic standards for their players. They don’t just recruit the best athletes, but their athletes actually go to school, and get good grades, etc. I’m sure you knew that, but when I found out about that, I thought it was just great. That’s real integrity, real character. That’s the way it should be, but of course it isn’t the case with a lot of schools.

    On that note, I thought it was intersting when ND made that first touchdown, a commentator said: “Jesus is smiling.” Hmmm.

  2. Talia, I think it was actually “Touchdown Jesus is smiling,” which makes it a bit of a different comment. You do know about Touchdown Jesus, right?

  3. Talia, that is hilarious. No, if you are sitting on the field, right behind the ND uprights is the building with the huge Jesus on it. He is holding up his hands in benediction, but it looks like he could be signaling a TD…hence, Touchdown Jesus. You can see him from the road. He’s famous.

  4. I had a dream in which a gorgeous black-haired girl (I have no idea who she is) took my hands and told me she loved me. I didn’t have the heart (or something) to tell her that while I like her and that she is gorgeous, she couldn’t possibly love me. I had no idea who she was; she couldn’t have known me. I keep thinking (hoping) I will run into her in reality, although I prefer dreams and ficiton.

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