white flakes falling into the hair of girls, a fresh
benediction to keep on walking.

I think of metaphors about snowglobes but realize that
nothing shakes us anymore.

For a moment I can imagine motion, that snow isn’t falling but
rather we’re moving upward through a cloud, moving away. . .

* * *

I thought I was nursing a ridiculously long hangover Sunday, but I woke up today again feeling dead and accepted with indignation that I may have a cold. I am angry. I apparently have a pretty staunch immune system and haven’t caught so much as a sniffle since 8th grade, some 8ish years ago (say it with me: 22 and feeling old).

I’m probably going to fail Chemistry. I am not bothered by this. I am bothered that it does not bother me.

Colts won, Notre Dame won, Patriots almost blew it against the Eagles…it was a good few days for football. WVU and Missouri both need to lose this week so my Buckeyes can taste sweet sweet BCS championship game-ness. WVU won’t, but Missouri might if they get caught looking ahead…

Writer’s Meeting this Friday I think? I hope so…I’m eager. I hope it snows, outside those windows looking out into the city…and I will sit there with coffee…



5 thoughts on “11.26.2007”

  1. I like the poem, too, and am also looking forward to the coffee (however, as you’ve noted, I probably don’t need it at those things). And I have not gotten sick yet. Usually I do at least once close to finals week, so I’m crossing my fingers right now. Don’t give me anything.

  2. I think I have to go to some CPR training think on Friday for student teaching. I am so bummed. I seem to be cursed.

    I love that poem! I love your “eye” for poetry.

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