Nothing Important, Just the Rest of Your Life

I keep wanting to step in with a cliche and say that the semester is ‘winding down’, but really, I think it’s more apt to describe that phrase as a euphemism. You know, ‘;pushing up daisies’ = ‘dead’.

Well, ‘semester is winding down’ = ‘the level of stress is increasing at break-neck speed and I may have to take to drinking to keep my sanity, and perhaps if I’m lucky, my GPA’.

You know, something like that. We say it’s winding down, over and over, like a mantra to keep ourselves from going crazy.

90% chance I’ll be failing Chemistry….ehh.

I’m feeling the stress, now, because one week from tonight I need to have a 10-minute informal presentation ready of my research for my final research paper in my senior seminar in literature, and two weeks from tonight the paper itself is due. I’m making myself start working, really working, on getting the whole thing done as soon as humanly possible so it doesn’t hang over my head for what remains of the semester. I’d love to have it done in a week, so I have everything polished for the presentation and then just forget it all exists until I have to turn it in; procrastination and practicality both inform me I shall, of course, use the entire two weeks remaining, but I’m hoping to get it done with a swift, sane pace.

I finished both Redwall and Smoke and Mirrors today…I’m nearly always reading two books simultaneously, so I have something to match my mood…deep, focused, thoughtful, and light-hearted and mindless. The difference I think most people supply with, perhaps, reading and TV. Not that I don’t ejoy TV in vast quantities as well, but…you get the picture.

I have the second book in the Redwall series already, but I’m not allowing myself to start reading a new book until this paper is finished, as both a form of motivation and a way to avoid distraction.

Good luck to the rest of you students as well….


6 thoughts on “Nothing Important, Just the Rest of Your Life”

  1. Ryan speaks the truth! I have 3 projects due next week, each of which inclue a 10-15 minute power-point presentation. Monday night is a class syllabus and a presentation of my policies and classroom management plan. Wednesday night is my 17 day unit on Macbeth, complete with written tests, rubrics, study guides, etc. and Thrusday night is a presentation on how I can incorporate picture books into my lessons (which I’m totally against by the way).

    BUT AT LEAST I DON’T HAVE TO DO CHEMISTRY! I feel so bad for you, Ryan.

  2. Chemistry blows goats. Maybe if you bribe him, your professor will take pity on you and pass you with a D just so you don’t have to take it again.

    DISCLAIMER: Rachel Custer has never advocated bribery as a positive course of action.

  3. You’ve still got the 10% chance of passing. Focus on that. Otherwise, sign up for the physics class that Chris and I are taking in the spring. You can take it with or w/o the lab. It would be fun to have you with us.

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