The afternoon smells like the
carpet of the first trailer we
slept in together redefining what
it means to lie together when
the going gets rough and the rough
starts growing going gone in a
moment you want to forget but
need to remember, embedded like glass
in his forehead point-two seconds after
the decision for collision that’s real
not television and your mother was
still drinking an hour before service
that needs no introduction, not to this
family of practiced leaps and dry-cleaned
grief yet they always manage to
get to sleep.

* * *

An odd piece that came out of nowhere…a sort of experiment in spoken work, stream of consciousness…it’s saying something important but I don’t know if it’s there yet. A start point, but everything is…

My apologies to all for missing the meeting today – rest assured I wanted very much to join (and of course it would happen that Talia made it today), but my on-and-off battle with this almost-illness caught up with me, along with a deep need (read: not desire) for sleep, and today was apparently the day.

I’m not sick-sick, really I’m not. Just drained enough I just couldn’t get out of my bed until I had to prepare to head to work. Tomorrow appears to be another busy day of errands and driving and walking, and I’m not up for that either, but it will need to be done.

I’ll see you all at the party next week! My excitement can’t come through text, but I truly am looking forward to a good time with fellow, friendly minds. I’ll try to bring something, though I don’t know what? My budget is tiny but I hate to mooch. We shall see.

Be well-



3 thoughts on “Cycles”

  1. The poem is good, we did miss you, and it’s not mooching, just bring whatever you are able to, a good poem counts.

    The sickness is going around here, too. My husband has had it off and on, can’t seem to quite shake it.

  2. I love this poem, Ryan…really like what you’re working toward with this one. And don’t worry, I’ll have to bring something store-bought, so don’t worry about it. Whatever I bring, I’ll buy enough for you too. 🙂

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