Truly Winding Down

History final on Tuesday…Spanish Wednesday…senior research paper due by midnight on Thursday. It sounds like quite the overwhelming lot, but, really…nah. ‘Tis fine.

I’m feeling the weight of Winter coming on. I think I was intended to be a grizzly bear, meant to hibernate. I can feel my body and mind both slowing down, thickening with too many thoughts, not enough answers, trying to recognize hazy figures through the distance-fog effect of snow, hiding nothing…embracing the constant winter.

The Writer’s Meeting (Dinner/Party) was wonderful. Chris’s house is beautiful and relaxing. The food was good and welcomed, as was the wine. Conversation was equally enjoyable, as anything resembling intelligent communication has been an infrequent friend as of late…I’m feeling starved, even now.

It was nice to be among warm voices, for a change. Too much of my time is spent isolated; at least in every way that matters.



One thought on “Truly Winding Down”

  1. I feel the same way, Ryan. Maybe we should all move south. In the meantime, the writers’ meetings, Chris’s house, the conversation…

    It’s all very fine.

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