Another semester over…didn’t fair too badly. Even managed a magical C- in Chemistry, which I was fully expecting to fail. A in senior seminar, A- in history, B in Spanish.

I’m anxious to get into and also out of the upcoming semester, already. Overall it should be a much more enjoyable semester than the previous one, mostly due to re-taking Poetry, and hoping that biology will be more manageable than chemistry. Mostly I just want to be done with Spanish, which is a constant, blind waving of arms in the darkness — at least that’s how it feels. I’ve managed to do well grade-wise thus far, though, so one more stunningly inept performance resulting in an acceptable grade is both desired and likely.

Leaving very early this Saturday for Lima, OH to visit the girlfriend’s parents for the holiday. All in all, I’d rather avoid the 3:30am bus ride and missing Christmas for the second year in a row with my own family, but these things are to be done. It is nice to get out of the area for a few days, a change of scenery (at least as much of a change as there can be from IN to OH), I’d just rather not have to take all the little annoyances of the trip as well. Oh well.

I should be at the meeting tomorrow night, looking forward to seeing everyone again…


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