Winter Entries

(by Franz Wright – a favorite poem by my favorite poet, that seems necessary right now…)

Love no one, work, and don’t let the pack know
you’re wounded . . .

Stupid, disappointed strategies.

Hazel wind of dusk, I have lived so much.

Friendless eeriness of the new street —

The poem does not come, but its place is kept set.

* * *

Leaving late tomorrow (technically early Saturday) – 3:30am on a Greyhound to Ohio. Lima, specifically, and then another hour ride to Mainsville, just outside of Cincinnati.

Going with the g/f to visit her parents for the holiday, won’t be back until the 27th. They have wireless and all at the house they just build there and I’m staying in the crafts-room-turned-guest-room, so I will have internet access and all, but probably won’t be on much if at all until the later hours when everyone else retires to sleep and I (of course) am up for hours.

But anyway, if anyone needs anything pressing, please feel completely free to call / text me, I’ll answer / respond as often and soon as I can. If you don’t have my cell number and want it, drop a note or an e-mail ( A few friendly messages would be nice..going to be a long trip.

So anyway, I won’t be on as much, but I’ll be around. I hope everyone has a great holiday with their loved ones.



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