Minus Island

“The audio haunting promise provides for even the smallest of sparrows
So long as the ghosts are clean and clearly showing through you
I’ve been helpful, metal man bides his time
In the sands on Minus Island
Everything is fine, your heart is working properly–
All my love and luck on the river Euphrates”

-Passage, ‘Johnny Walker’ excerpt, mix by DJ Krush

* * *

Stomach might be improving, finally. Dropped 5 pounds over the first night but it seems to be hanging there as my appetite slowly returns. Of course, I’m also catching what feels like a full-on winter cold as I type this. Wonderful.

Brady Quinn finally got his NFL career debut today on the final drive of the Browns before halftime when Derek Anderson went out with an injured thumb. He only played out that one drive, but it was still nice to finally see him get a chance to toss the ball. He went 3-for-8 for 45 yards if my memory serves. A decent drive, just fizzled in the red zone, but they got a field goal at least.

Reading a lot lately, it’s good to be doing it. Easy to get distracted by trivial things. Writing more soon, too, I hope. Time will tell.

Exciting times…new semester starts the 7th, same night as the BCS Championship Game. Do I hope the first night of class runs out early, or plan on leaving early anyway to make sure I don’t miss any of the game? 😉


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