Of Buckeyes and Stanzas

Another semester begins…I feel so spoiled not having class on Mon / Wed until 5:30pm, after spending most of last semester getting up at 7:30am every day for class. *cringe* Really, how did I make it? But I did…

This should be a very good, productive semester. Poetry again, another senior seminar, and (hopefully) my last semester of Spanish, along with biology. A sort-of fun semester before a long, long summer of nothing but math.

I’m hoping my senior seminar gets out nice and early tonight with it being the first meeting, as at 8:15 pm, the biggest college football game of the year is going down, and I’m really excited about getting to watch at least a good chunk of it. Looking forward to seeing my man, future Heisman-winning running back, Chris “Beanie” Wells carry the Bucks to a huge win.

So on that note…


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