Fragile Things

“I think. . .that I would rather recollect a life mis-spent on fragile things than spent avoiding moral debt.”

A book of short stories by Neil Gaiman, my favorite (non-poetry) writer for a growing while, now. Absolutely amazing, so far.

Life goes, as it’s prone to do. School is…well, it’s school. That’s all I usually give to it.

I spent the weekend down in West Lafayette visiting my best friend Brad, and it was a very needed retreat of sorts. He had dropped his car off in Bremen for service, and so we drove back down together (he has his dad’s car down there for winter driving), which allowed for even more time to talk. I also got to stop by and see his family, something I haven’t done in a couple of years now, and it was great to see them. His sisters have grown up so much! It’s crazy. . .

We had a great time. Watched a lot of Family Guy, watched some Dane Cook and assorted other stand-up specials. We went out and got bratwurst (filled with cheese!), cheese and chopped onion and made that for dinner, it was delicious–something to make for myself one of these nights, just for kicks. We drank filling amounts of delicious beer, including a bottle each of Arrogant Bastard (Oaked Ale), which I had heard of as being very high-quality stuff, which it had better be, fetching approximately $16 for a 6-pack (!). It was a very interesting beer (not that I know beer that well). It was very smooth, and the aftertaste was extreme to my n00b palette. Not sure I could handle drinking it on a frequent basis (financially or otherwise), but it’s nice to have around to hit once in a while just for the experience, which I highly suggest to all. . .

Woke up late, had lunch with Brad (I tried something called the ‘Baconator’ at Wendys. Oh. My.), and came home long enough (quite literally) to shower before heading to work, where I type this now.

It’s been a great night, I’ve gotten a lot done, including talking to some very special people! D

The week comes on tomorrow, strong, and I’m sure to be drug back down a bit by the return of the dreaded Spanish, but life is life, and with the things life has brought me, right now I truly can’t complain.


One thought on “Fragile Things”

  1. Well, if you can’t complain, I honestly don’t know what’s happening to the world. Perhaps the Mayan calender is right after all.

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