Writing Prompt: Word Grid Results

It’s a love-hate thing, some people find the use of ‘word grids’ and other cut-up methods to inspire writing very effective; others don’t. This is a result of my first stab at producing some kind of ‘prompt’ using a random home-brew method I briefly mentioned at the Writer’s Meeting this afternoon. I haven’t employed it yet, but rest assured once I do I’ll toss the results up.

I don’t know if anyone will find this useful, but just in case anyone is interested, here is what I ended-up with:

‘Sixty Minutes of Writing’ mini-project…

Give yourself 10 minutes for each poem. Afterward, spend only 2 minutes ‘revising’ each poem; this obviously isn’t intended as a ‘real’ revision, but a soon-after revisiting, of sorts, whatever.


(Narrative, 1st person)


(3rd person)







* * *

I know people hate the time restrictions, they’re the loosest of all, I just loved the idea of breaking it all down into an encapsulated hour of work, pound it all out, see what can be made of the results…chop all of it together to make one poem, 20 poems, one amazing stanza in some future poem..you know how it goes.

Greatly enjoyed the meeting today. Very nice to see Talia again, it’s been ages! Tom as well has been a stranger.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


5 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Word Grid Results”

  1. You too, Ryan. Every time we all leave though, I hate that we spent all of the time talking about our writing…I mean, I know that is the point of a writer’s group, but then I feel like I didn’t get a chance to just hang out and visit.

    Soon, we must do that.

    Have a lovely Easter…and by the way…how’s Hoosier?

  2. You too, Ryan. GO IU! And thanks for the word grid and prompt. I’ll try it, too.

    And I agree with Talia, we need to just have a get-together, social event sometime soon. Maybe Chris will cook for us again! MMMM…cheese.

  3. Agreed, agreed, agreed. A just talking get together sounds fun. And I think I’ll try your word grid, of course w/o the time thing. Maybe this would work better for me if instead of a time limit it’s a thing like, go write something and don’t do anything else until you’re finished…

    Great seeing all you guys!

  4. Yeah, it was good and I am very pleased to see that you all are VERY GOOD workshoppers, the best pound-for-pound I have been with.

    Plus, you all have the dignity thing down pat, to, it seems, which is an element of the process that, to me in indispensable for producing works with the same sort of qualities. Any jackass can play thumbs up/ thumbs down or resort to condecension or patronizing. I don’t see anything like that happening with you all.

    Keep it up and when it’s not wrestling season or semester’s/schools end at IUSB or at my work, I’ll be coming. Perhaps more importantly, I might get my self into gear and get productive on the creation end of things, verse wise. How could I not with such support and talent within the reach of a keyboard or a drive? Thanks greatly.

  5. Yes, Tom, we were very glad to have you. Personally, I think we have a great group of very supportive writer’s who are all growing very well together. Being part of this community of poets has helped me and my writing immensely, in my opinion, and I’m fairly sure others will say the same.

    And Ryan, I started a poem with the second group of words…it’s interesting, but I certainly am not getting it done in ten minutes. I’ll throw it up on my blog when a rough draft is done.

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