Dying on Easter? Ugh.

I thought my ailment was purely a prolonged hangover, the result of too much sake, but by 11pm last night I realized something else was also at work. Feeling a bit better today, though. Saturday night was a blast, regardless. Enjoyed experiencing some new kinds of sushi with my two closest friends in the world at Matuba. The eel is especially delicious, very sweet and tangy in its aftertaste. The Philadelphia roll as interesting as well. I also finally try ‘uni’? Not sure if I spelled that right. But, it’s sea urchin. It has the look and consistency of brown sugar, and I can’t describe its taste except to say that it’s a bit oily. Not bad, though.

Merge Poetry, which recently took four of my poems, has updated its website with the contents of the Spring 2008 edition, so if anyone is interested, go check them out! I’m not quite sure if I’m receiving a contributor’s copy or not, may just have to order one from them for good measure.

I hope everyone had a great Easter. I still find it funny that it’s a holiday about rebirth (even before it was ‘borrowed’ from the pagans for Christian use) and I spent it feeling (and at moments, hoping for) death. Sake is an evil, evil mistress.

6 thoughts on “Dying on Easter? Ugh.”

  1. You ate eel? And sea urchin? Yuck. Bravo for your bravery. I once ate deep-fried squid and I’ll never do that again.

    Congratulations on your Merge poems. They look fantastic!

  2. Thanks, everyone!

    Sushi is very good stuff, unfortunately the word ‘raw’ will never let people give it a chance. It’s odd really, if you stop and think–you don’t blink at eating an egg, right? The undeveloped fetus of a chicken straight from the shell. And a little fish is disgusting? Heheh.

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