Writers Gone Wild

I just wanted to give a quick thank-you to everyone who made it out (and of course to those that wanted to attend but could not) to Chris’s last night for the meeting. It was honestly one of the most enjoyable get-togethers we’ve had, and one of the nicest evenings I’ve had in a while at that. Absolutely delicious food (thanks Chris and Charmi!), wine, coffee, and workshopping. Not to mention all of the fascinating and/or hilarious conversational bits that fill in the cracks of such an evening. I think it was relaxing in a way that so many of us begin to need this time of year.

We had a slew of new faces, which was great to see. The Group has grown and worked in directions I never would have imagined the first time I attended, and it’s inspiring on many levels to watch it grow and churn as it is seems prone to do these days.

4 thoughts on “Writers Gone Wild”

  1. Yes, it was amazing, and the food was awesome, but grammar nazi says “writers” is plural, not possessive. 😉

    You’re right, though, those things are great for relaxing me when I’m all stressed out about school and finals and all that bs.

  2. Thanks Rachel. This was a mental fluke — I was going to write something else where it was possessive but changed my mind about the title immediately after typing it, yadda yadda yadda.

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