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I know I’ve probably posted this before, but it’s a good time for it again. It’s getting to be the last couple weeks of the semester, so everyone is going into overdrive mode. Needing to see the forest and not the trees…the end point, the goal, some major transition, whatever it is we’re all working toward (hopefully) in whatever context, and not all of the obstacles, frustrations, people…all the things that we have to move past for a larger good.

I always start thinking of things as trees in this way…is it a hard paper for an important class? A class itself? A semester? A degree? Or, another light, is it a bad job now to position yourself for a better one later? Two dozen painful, jading relationships in order to get to a place to enjoy the one that works, when you might least expect it? Ten truly awful poems that give you the words and lines that you need to say what you need to, to write the one poem that changes your life, goes into a book that is read by someone else and it changes them?

Maybe it’s a moment. Maybe that’s your forest. From Fight Club:

“One minute was enough, Tyler said, a person had to work hard for it, but a minute of perfection was worth the effort. A moment was the most you could ever expect from perfection. “

I feel too rambly and abstract, not getting at the point I first intended with this. The point is, whether it’s school, love, your career, your entire life…sometimes it takes nailing up a dozen trees, a thousand trees…but hope means that those experiences are what let you recognize, allow for, whatever…that which makes it all worthwhile.

Or perhaps the lesson is simply this: How important is your dream? Any of them? Can you do what it takes to follow it? Despite the obstacles, the frustrations, the judgment of others, the thousands of other things that can (and will) get in the way? If we talk about relationships and love, can you pass through the pain and work toward a broken road that may lead to exactly what you’ve always been looking for? It could all be applied in so many ways.

Hmm, I’m giving up for now. Might come back to it later when I can say exactly what I mean…

Good luck in the next two weeks, everyone. We’re all going to need it!


5 thoughts on “Trees”

  1. Sweet and sad all at the same time. I like your words added to the visual. I have so many trees to nail in the next couple of weeks and then on into some unknown future, too. I hope there isn’t fog and a splat to look forward to although the committed pessimist that I have become expects it to be so. Optimism? What’s that? Gah! lol

  2. “whether it’s school, love, your career, your entire life…sometimes it takes nailing up a dozen trees, a thousand trees…”

    I can write a poem with those words!

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