The Life You Bought

Day One (an excerpt from the poem by Franz Wright, one of those read in the video above)

We should really examine
your life, the one you bought,
and what happened when you got home
and attempted to assemble it:

that disfiguring explosion
no one witnessed, no one heard,
which you yourself cannot recall,
and by whose unimaginable light you seek
to write the name of beauty.

* * *

And what happened, indeed…


2 thoughts on “The Life You Bought”

  1. Hmm…yes buying your life. I like that image. I think we keep buying bits of our lives all the time. Sometimes unwrappimg them reveals something wonderful and sometimes a major disappointment. After, experiencing one ‘disfiguring explosion’ it gets rather scaring opening those new packages but we still keep doing it, don’t we? I guess it’s like Christmas. It doesn’t matter what’s in the box, you still want to find out.

  2. Yes, I’d like to think we all keep buying, opening those packages. Each explosion is a good one, in some way. Some far more than others, of course.

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