My very good (and rather wealthy) friend Jasyn just spent several days here, and has been saying to me that he would very much like to go back and live there for a year. He said basic English copy-editing jobs over there pay pretty well and he wants me to go with him.

I think I just took care of that nagging ‘What am I doing with myself after I graduate in December’ question.


2 thoughts on “Shanghai”

  1. Going abroad and working a job that utilizes knowledge of the English language is all the rage these days, especially with us young kids. Trying to come to terms with what one might lose in the bargain — which in the end will probably not compare so greatly to what one might gain — is a journey in itself, one that wears at you like the horrible fact that you can’t seem to get enough sleep, too busy killing yourself for a job you hate — or does that fact simply compound the complications?

    To reply to another post at the same time: I am seeing The Dark Knight tomorrow night, work be damned since I already have tickets, have already made the date, and don’t have much time left as it is. Oh, and I cannot wait.

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