Talking Dirty to the Gods

I’m thoroughly enjoying this book of poetry by Yusef Komunyakaa (I’m almost done having to refer to the spine of the book to type his last name accurately). I picked it up on a whim for $4 or so from a used bookstore up on Grape Road back toward the end of May and have finally gotten around to reading it.

See Moments In Erasure for a poem taken from the book. Here’s another excerpt as well:

From ‘The Four Evangelists’

* * *

If you can’t trust dreams, the journey
Ends at birth. Gods invent themselves
So men & women see a few feet
Into the unknown. Sympathetic

Magic. Our desire
To prolong an orgasm, to be
Taken back to when we could
Almost talk with animals.


One thought on “Talking Dirty to the Gods”

  1. I really dig Komunyakaa. His “Elegy for Thellonius” is probably both by favorite jazz poem and my favorite elegy.

    Thanks for the add to your blogroll. I’ll gladly reciprocate.

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