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Diablo Sin War Book 2 (Diablo) The Scales of the Serpent: Diablo Sin War Book 2 by Richard A. Knaak

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
The book continues my experience with the first of the series, which was good as long as one knows what to expect. To be completely honest, considering that the Blizzard gaming company threw its endorsement behind the writing of these books, I did expect a bit more as far as literary quality.

I’ve heard someone say that these books sound ‘too much like fan fiction’, which I’d say is dead on, though in all honesty that IS what these books are. The criticism is valid, however. My main complaint with these books is that Knaak breaks the cardinal rule of fiction writing–he ‘tells’ far, far more often than he ‘shows’. While this helps in keeping the books accessible and very quick reads for those fans that may not want to digest a more textured set of novels, to me it feels like a lost opportunity to bring the canon of the Diablo universe to a more visceral level.

However, if one goes in with the right expectations, these books are quite enjoyable. The equivalent perhaps of the ‘trashy romance novel’, these books so far are solid fantasy escapism, and bring in a great deal of back story that any Diablo fan, I think, would enjoy.

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