Ignorance and Irony


For those too lazy to watch, it’s a story about a school considering banning Fahrenheit 451 because one daughter / father complained. One of the father’s complaints, and I’m not even remotely kidding here, is that the book ‘talks bad about our firemen’.

I’m speechless. It is people like this that make me want to pour a little more chlorine into the gene pool, or vouch for the concept of forced sterilization. What can you say to these kinds of people?

My advice to the father: put your precious, unique little snowflake into a private religious school, or better yet home school her to ward off any potential reading whatsoever outside of The Bible, and rest assured she’ll grow up to be as ignorant as you, carry on your apparent family legacy of contributing next to nothing (save, perhaps, tax revenue) to society, and with a little luck, find someone who would somehow think it a good idea to help her produce offspring, thus ensuring the perpetuation of the type of people that make many parts of the other world laugh at this country.

To the people at the school voicing their support through a petition and other demonstrations, for fuck’s sake, thank you.



One thought on “Ignorance and Irony”

  1. I’m terribly afraid that I, as a teacher, will face this sort of thing. From the stories I’ve heard of when you get a parent who complains about a novel, it is under circumstances you mention: something totally absurd and out of context. I’m very cautious about what I choose for middle school; I mostly stay away from the sexual content, but I think high school is suitable for anything that doesn’t try to promote any one idea…

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