DJ Krush (feat. Company Flow) — On Rap / Spoken Word As Art


DJ Krush has always been one of my favorite musical artists; I find it hard to describe his genre, as it’s a constantly changing mixture of techno, hip-hop, spoken word, rap, etc. This particular song is one of my favorites. I’m not a fan of most rap, but I think there are diamonds in the rough — songs that are more spoken word than anything. This rapper / artist / whatever you’d like to call him has a beautiful sense of rhythm, and the entire work is just fascinating to me. I can rarely find myself lost in words so easily, letting them flow in and over my mind, barely stopping to comprehend meaning while just enjoying the flow of it all.

I’d never say everyone should find value in a song like this, but I think even those who might not enjoy the language / meanings / etc., especially poets, can find beauty in the structure of it all. So, here it is. I hope it is enjoyed.

I’d post lyrics, but all the ones online are relatively flawed and I’m not up to going through correcting them unless someone requests it.


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