A Little More Spoken Word / Rap of Quality

Here’s another song that I believe qualifies as rap / spoken word that’s worth listening to, from the perspective of art, having a message, and so on.  The video itself has an aesthetic I find intriguing as well. The song takes a little bit to really get going, but it’s worth it. Very catchy song, interesting message.

‘Handlebars’ by Flobots


One thought on “A Little More Spoken Word / Rap of Quality”

  1. The Flobots are one of the more interesting acts to hit the hiphop/spoken word scene in recent memory, in my opinion. I like their vibe, and you’re quite right — the aesthetic of the video is unique. I don’t think I’ve seen an animated video this good since Pearl Jam’s “Do The Evolution”. But when it comes to the ‘Bots, I am most impressed by the fact that they don’t just put politically-savvy lyrics to music, they actually live it. They did a ton of work this election year for Rock The Vote, including this video, which was very impressive to say the least:

    Maybe rap has something to say again.

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