Some Words For What Comes

A few words for the beginning of the semester tomorrow, the one that will, God-willing, be my last.

Are they for inspiration, comfort, agitation? To each his own, friends. Both of the following excerpts are from Stephen Dobyns’ Velocities (New and Selected Poems 1966-1992)

* * *

From ‘Cemetery Nights II’

Where we have come from we’ll soon forget.
Where we are going is dust at our feet.
Where we are now is the best we can expect.

* * *

From ‘How to Like It’

And that’s what they do and that’s where the man’s
wife finds him, staring into the refrigerator
as if into the place where the answers are kept–
the ones telling why you get up in the morning
and how it is possible to sleep at night,
answers to what comes next and how to like it.


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