Personality Indicator [Version 8.0]

From Lily Hoang’s novel, Parabola.

This is the one I believe I most closely identified with. Unfortunately. Hmm. I’m looking forward to attending her reading at IU South Bend on Sept. 24th. For those of you around for it, it’s at 7pm on the 3rd-floor Wiekamp ‘Bridge’.



Thinkers never shut up. Unlike the Doer though, he never actually gets anything done. All that the Thinker does is talk and talk about whatever it is he’s trying to figure out. Often, Thinkers develop some sort of sleeping dysfunction, whether it’s sleep talking or violent behavior during the REM stage. These are common warning signs for schizophrenia, which many Thinkers are afflicted with.

Thinkers tend to develop this illness because their thoughts are in constant competition with each other, and the Thinker himself is left dumbstruck as to which voice or argument to believe. In general, Thinkers don’t live past the age of twenty-six and a half. The most common method of suicide is death by hanging.


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