Doin’ The Damn Thing

Finally settled on the decision to get into graduate school or die trying. šŸ™‚

My three biggest tasks are:

1) Completing this final semester with strong grades

2) Studying for the GRE

3) Editing / polishing my poetry portfolio sample

I’m also working on other odds and ends, such as requesting letters of recommendation, finalizing my list of schools, etc. So far I’m looking at:

Notre Dame

Ohio State University

Indiana University

Past that…I’m not sure. Iowa Writer’s Workshop? It’s the most prestigious program in the country, but if I did manage to get in…well, it’s Iowa. Enough said.

New York University? Some random low-residency program in Maine where I can enjoy a coastal landscape and cheap seafood? Who knows…suggestions welcome.

I’m also welcoming any advice / tips / encouragement from anyone who has taken the GRE. I’m just taking the general exam, by the way, as that’s all most programs seem to require. The fact that I’m going to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts (Poetry) means my math portion score doesn’t really matter so I’m not even really going to study for it, but am going to focus mainly on the Verbal portion, which is essentially vocabulary.

I already picked up Barron’s 800 Essential Words for the GRE and am several units in. Some words are easy / familiar and some are absolutely alien. Even if I never make it into grad. school I think this is a great thing to do and am enjoying it quite a bit.

Anyway. It’s Saturday, and we all know what that means.



3 thoughts on “Doin’ The Damn Thing”

  1. Jesus is also studying for the GRE right now and I might be interested in doing a vocab studying thing. We’ll talk.

  2. Well, to be honest, I think I’m moving in this direction as well. After this year in Korea is over, graduate school seems like the next best move. It’s a shame about your possible travels abroad. For me, it’s a good buffer between college and grad school (probably). Anyway, if it’s something you really wanted to do first, and if you think you might end up teaching English with your MA and/or PhD, then I could help you get to Korea. Warn you of potential pitfalls, that sort of thing. It’s an option, if you want it. Either way, good luck with studying for the GRE — something I’m not looking forward to.

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