Six Unremarkable Things

I think I was tagged on doing this thing; I usually think it’s a bit vapid but I’m doing it for the same reason most people do: I’m bored.

1. I have a mild yet extremely frustrating case of OCD. It takes a couple of forms — mainly it causes me to strongly squint my eyes uncontrollably, all day every day. This generally means after 1 or 2 pm I have a horrible headache from it. Every day. Ugh.

Ironically people who see me do it usually ask if I have a headache; I do, but it’s caused by the squinting. It’s been getting progressively worse over the last year or so, enough so that I’m contemplating seeking some kind of treatment for it. I also rub my face a lot, which in turn makes me want to wash my hands more than normal.

2. I’m addicted to catchy, thuggish rap songs. Especially when performed by an incredibly attractive British artist of Sri Lankan Tamil descent (I’m looking at you, M.I.A.)

3. I’m addicted to the TV show Jon and Kate Plus 8. I generally don’t watch much television, and have known for as long as I can remember that I do not ever, under any circumstances, want children. Yet, this show of all shows, right? And if I get the chance to kidnap Aaden or Leah, I will!

4. I almost never remember my dreams. On an average of 2-3 times a months, usually. It’s been that way my entire life.

5. I’m extremely judgmental and usually unapologetic about it. For instance, I judge almost everyone on what they read. If you read Dan Brown or any of the ‘Twilight’ series, I think less of you. Much less.

6. Somehow along the way I became a hardcore fan of both Notre Dame (first and foremost) as well as Ohio State football. Because of this, I’m fairly certain that if I ever step foot in Ann Arbor I’ll be lynched.


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