Walking the Walk: Priceless

But Sarah Palin is just another small-town hockey mom, doncha’ know? She’s the kinda’ politician you could have a burger with! She’s just like you!

No, not so much. And to think that these people called Obama ELITIST. This was before Sarah informed us all that she likes visiting ‘real America’. That’s not elitist, right?

McCain calling Obama elitist…here’s a little lesson for you, John: DON’T THROW STONES FROM YOUR SEVEN GLASS HOUSES.


2 thoughts on “Walking the Walk: Priceless”

  1. Very compelling ad.

    In defense of women in the spotlight (political or otherwise) I have to say that it’s way more expensive to be a well-dressed woman than a well-dressed man. That’s a simple economic fact. It costs more for a woman to get her hair cut than for a man. I don’t know why because you are cutting the same amount of hair either way, but this is just the way it is. However, there are degrees of acceptability and this is way over the top. I mean, seriously, the majority of the population will never know this kind of wealth and to flaunt it screams of irresponsibility, lack of connection with your constituents and an elitist attitude that -should- make voters question whether she can really represent them.

    On the flip side…Obama’s (and McCain’s for that matter) suits surely aren’t cheap. I doubt he’s (either of them are) shopping at Big Lots.

    You know I’d really like to vote for a woman, I would. However, this one doesn’t stand for anything I believe in AT ALL. It’s sad really because I’d like to see a woman in one of the top jobs in the country.

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