I love this time of year, it’s the only time of year I feel any real affinity for ‘nature’, ‘outside’, etc. I think it’s a bit of a gip too; all the other seasons, particularly winter, seem to stretch on for months and months, yet Fall always seems to last about 2 weeks before winter hits. Oh well.

Down in my room, freshly-brewed coffee hot between hands, listening to the wind blow dead lives around right outside my ground-level-basement window. Forgot to set my alarm so I missed my early math class, which is both not good but a great way to start the day, if you ask me. Still in pajama shorts and a hoodie. I mention all this because I don’t think I’ve felt this relaxed in a while.

This is probably due to a couple of rather minor emotional breakdowns late last night after I got home from work — nothing all that serious, just the normal things, but all built up. The pressure valve has to get tweaked now and then, and I think I had been neglecting it for a while. I also slept almost double the number of hours I usually manage, which I’m sure helps. Oddly enough I have a horrible time getting to sleep, every night, yet once I manage it I’m quite dead to the world until I either sleep 12 hours or something wakes me up.

I really don’t feel like getting prepared for the outside world today. If it wouldn’t make me feel like a total failure at life I’d just forego the whole ‘school’ thing and stay on like I am now all day and night, but unfortunately Mondays are my long, ‘important’ day of classes, and I haven’t missed my Fiction class yet which has created a kind of perfectionistic drive to continue not to miss it. Damn you, pragmatic nature! I want to bum out and be flaky!

So, I was thinking. I think a bunch of us need to haveĀ  a big Halloween party, and the caveat is that all costumes must be related to the literary world in some way. I call dibs on Kafka’s Gregor! Hahah. It sounds like something the English Club should do, if it were active, which I don’t believe it is, still.

Anyway, this relaxed, alone time at home with the pajama-hoodie, coffee and DJ Tiesto playing in the background is remarkably rare, so I’m off to go enjoy a bit more of it before getting showered for class.

2 thoughts on “Fall”

  1. Haha. I love the literary Halloween costume party. I hope you’re able to pull this off. And I’m totally gonna try to be Gregor. Just gotta figure out that costume.

    No surpise about the English Club, either. Ha. Oh well.

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