Notre Dame


I received a call earlier this afternoon informing me that I have been accepted into Notre Dame’s MFA program!

Not really sure what to say, I’m still pretty much speechless and sure that at any moment they’re going to call back and say, ‘No, sorry, we meant to call the other Ryan Smith.”

It’s incredible that they’ve responded this early, but I was told that the selections committee all made identical initial picks, so that was pretty much that.

As sentimental as it may be, I do have to mention that today marks the anniversary of Jake’s death, which is a large reason that February is often a ‘bad month’ for me (the snow certainly doesn’t help). That the call came on today of all days means a great deal to me.


6 thoughts on “Notre Dame”

  1. Rachel- Thank you! Congrats on UofChicago. I read up and their grad. program is ridiculously good for what you’re getting into.

    Charmi- It really is kind of nice not to be leaving quite yet. It settled my heart a little.

  2. This is really random, but I am a BFA student at Saint Mary’s and I’m trying to do a little research on ND’s MFA program…what exactly are you going to be doing? And do you know how difficult it is to be accepted into the program? Sorry if this is completely random.

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