February Is, Apparently, My Month

The Pedestal Magazine will be publishing my poem ‘Lusk at the Lake’ in their Februrary edition.

Edit: They just updated with the new issue. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “February Is, Apparently, My Month”

  1. How about sharing some of that karma, brother? You don’t need it ALL 🙂

    Congrats. Enjoy these kinds of months, because they’re too few and far between…

  2. Thanks, bro! It’s certainly been a very surreal month — karma is very rarely on my side, though I guess if it’s karma then I usually deserve to not have it on my side…or something.

    I agree they are too few, so I’m reveling as much as possible. Have to store it up for the upcoming months where to balance things out I’m sure to receive all manner of rejections. 🙂

  3. February may have been your month, but only the first of many to come. Your poem stood out at the Pedestal. Like it had it’s very own pedestal on top of the big one to stand on. I am rambling. “no candles. Have you seen
    what hope does to a man?”

    Amazing stuff here. Hey, I do not come here to steal John Amen’s poets, just to encourage them to send something to us too. I like your voice. It is what we look for.

    ~Jennifer VanBuren

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