Lily Hoang’s ‘Changing’

Changing Changing by Lily Hoang

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
Lily Hoang has created something truly unique and altogether fantastic (in nearly every sense of the word) with this book.

I find this a hard book to really talk about. It’s perhaps best described as a book of oscillations, in craft and syntax as well as meaning and direction. It’s a book that circles in on itself as well as outward, swelling upward like an explosion while sinking into the depths like a whirlpool. Deafening in its unsuspecting force, but also at times in its silence.

This is a book that raises big questions (Are we to believe in fate? If so how seriously do we (should we) take it?)) while keeping itself grounded with an authentic, enjoyable poignancy and honesty that is generated in part from autobiographical themes that seem to course through a lot of Lily’s work. It’s an experiemental endeavor while at the same time struggling with its roots as a retelling of ancient fortunes.

Most importantly, it’s a delicate yet strong book; beautiful and ugly but always enjoyable.

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