She Always Smiles for the Camera



Making some small edits & sending this one out, so taking it down from here. Also thanks as always to Vince for his helpful and generous comment.



One thought on “She Always Smiles for the Camera”

  1. I keep rereading this poem. Totally taken by the voice of the speaker. I love the way you package information. And I am captured by the way you unspool your masterful indirect characterization. There is a quiet trembling between the stanzas. As you make incremental, emotional leaps. The ending is wonderfully didactic; telling us what we want to hear; what we want to believe. But there is a sad truth in that ending, as well.

    I spot the best qualities of flash fiction in this piece. Yet, the similes and comparisons you deliver are what remain in my mind. They are damn good. I appreciate reading a poem filled with as many deep breaths as this one delivers.

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