Misc. Reviews

Lost in Translation — 5 

Man Push Cart — 5

The Red Balloon — 5

Louie (seasons 1-3) — 5

Breaking Bad (seasons 1-4) — 50 million

Insidious 2 — 3

Dexter finale — negative 17

Being John Malkovich — 5

Down and Out in Paris and London, George Orwell — 4


Had a good run lately, been stockpiling stuff I figured would be good and it’s all held up. Expected the Dexter finale to be horse shit and it was. Haven’t caught all the way up on Breaking Bad yet, and desperately trying to before major spoilers inevitably fly across one social media or another. Louis CK and Bill Murray are perfect human beings and desperately need to make a movie together. Every time George Orwell’s biographical self in ‘Down and Out’ had ‘tea and two slices’ I had to stop and go eat toast. Started von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’ but haven’t been able to finish it yet, I think it’s boring. Same with Jonathan Lethem’s ‘Dissident Gardens’ but I think it’ll get a lot better; eventually Lethem’s perfect weirdness will get rolling and that’s when he knocks things out of the park. Getting back to Tao Lin’s ‘Taipei’ which is singular and great.



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