Raging raging raging …

Been thinking a lot lately about really visible, politically charged bands/musicians…I was lucky to listen to a lot of RATM during my ‘formative years’. Are there any around these days? What does Miley Cyrus think about Syria? Does Bieber know who Edward Snowden is? Would any of today’s mainstream bands do something controversial enough on an SNL performance to risk being censored completely (as RATM once did?), would they even risk an innocuous, pseudo-controversial political statement on Twitter to at least rake in a little PR noise? I feel like we’re still just milking that Gaga said something positive about the LGBT community, like, 50 years ago, and that was hardly risky or controversial these days.

RATM shut down a day of Wall Street trading with a guerrilla concert. Bassist Timmy C climbed the on-stage set at the MTV Music Awards and got himself arrested (which says more about how lame MTV was even then than anything else…)

Was cool, though, to see guitarist Tom Morello pop up a couple of years ago at several Occupy demonstrations…


2 thoughts on “Raging raging raging …”

  1. At the risk of sounding ancient, how about the 1960s and protest songs? I agree with you…it feels like we’re in a time when there should be a lot of angry music about what’s happening economically. I suspect people are pulling in their horns for fear of losing whatever ground they’ve gained.

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